Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Coming Home

I spent New Years up in Dargaville at my mates wedding. Dargaville is his girls home town and I hadn't been there since I was sixteen, and even then we were only passing through.

I think that marriage is a beautiful thing, where you journey through life with one person in a way unlike you share life with any other. As a person who knows nothing whatsoever of what it means to be married, I imagine that this beautiful thing isn't always an easy thing, because, as many of us know, life isn't always an easy thing. There are struggles and trials that are made all the more bearable because we have experienced joy and hope, and that we feel all the more deeply because we have loved and have been loved.

As I reflected on this I wrote a wee poem for Wayne and his bride. It's neither particularly beautiful nor eloquent, but it speaks of an enduring love, which is a beautiful thing.

It goes like this:

We are one, you and I,
We are united together.
We are loved, you and I,
Whatever the weather.
You and me feels like home
Because you are someone I love.

When it is time to build a home and settle down,
To till the soil, put our roots deep into the ground,
I'll be ready to come home
To someone I love.

When I've been working away all night and all day,
Overwhelmed with exhaustion, with no words to say,
I'll be coming home
To someone I love.

When there's trouble and tragedy,
When life feels like the stormy sea,
When all around there's uncertainty,
I'll be coming home
To someone I love.

When I wake early with those morning eyes,
When the house is a mess and the baby cries,
When you say, "we'll be fine," and I won't believe your lies
I'll be at home
With someone I love.

When we fight,
When we can't quite get things right,
When I speak words that hurt,
And when you won't stop digging for yourself that hole in the dirt,
I need you to keep coming home
Because you are someone I love.

When my body is frail and it's time for death,
When I close my eyes, take that final breath,
I'll be coming home
To the One who is Love

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