Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Burn

In acknowledgement of the hurt we cause one another I offer this as an opportunity to express our pain and seek healing for our wounded hearts and hands.

He burnt me
And I held my hand over that flame
For far too long
As if spellbound by the sensation,
Oblivious to its destruction. 

He drew me in
With his fiery intrigue.
I became mesmerised
As the flames danced
Round about me.

Before long
I was paralysed.

Now I'm scarred
And not so nimble.
My movements are cautious
And calculated.
My eyes, ever observant
Watching for the slightest flicker
Ready for quicker withdrawl.

So I hide away
Never to be hurt
Or burnt

But you, you are the One
Who is burning but not consumed.
You are ablaze with glory;
Igniting my soul
And setting my heart alight.

Christ be our light
Christ bear our pain
Christ bring us life
Christ be the flame


  1. You got me with "He burnt me" which instantly reminded me of Eminems& Rihanna's 'love the way you lie' where he says at the end if she ever tries to . . . he will tie her to the bed and set the house on fire!The pain youre talking about, Jesus feels it. Heres love the way you lie,

    1. That song fascinates me.

      I imagine Jesus coming to me with a balm to soothe my burns and telling me he feels it too. And then he says, "I am the Flame", helping me to redifne what fire symbolises.

    2. Yip, thats what im talking about

  2. Cate, what a deeply personal and moving poem. I wonder if you know Loreena McKennitt's song adapted from the poem by St. John of the Cross - "The Dark Night of the Soul", which is really a love poem about us and God? You reminded me of it. God's richest blessings, Andrew.

    1. Hi Andrew, I'd not heard that song before, so I checked it out on youtube. It's beautiful!