Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gumboots and Grace and Growing Up

I have two secrets. Number one: secretly I am a tomboy and all I want to do is wear gumboots (or better still, bare feet) and climb fences and cross rivers. Number two: secretly I am a girly girl and all I want to do is wear dresses and put pretty ribbons in my hair. Those who know me say this is no secret at all.

I have recently rediscovered a poem I wrote for my dear friend Jane a few years back. We were only a few years old when we met, about three. Jane was a rural girl too – still is I’d say. Now that she’s all grown up she’s elegant and eloquent but can still sport a pair of gumboots like the best of us.

I remembered this poem because Jane has just returned from the UK after being away for a while. Ngaire’s back too, but just for the summer. We grew up together as well; working at the supermarket and writing notes in class.

I’m looking forward to reuniting with these two and with our other rural girls later this summer. Until then, this is for you ladies (I've taken creative licence because 'life is all about exaggeration');

Two Girls in Blue Dresses
Two girls in blue dresses
With the finest of gestures
Would never have pestered
For an immediate response.

But patiently waited
With breath that was bated
Lest their proposal be stated
As an outrageous idea.

And so there they sat;
With their hands in their laps
And their coats and their hats
On a hook by the door.

It is tough for a girl
With a string of white pearls
And a head of dark curls
To quietly sit.

Likewise with the other,
Who lacked naught but a brother
Yet required another
As her partner in crime.

With eyes wide and bright
They requested they might
Explore what great sights
Lay about in their midst.

It felt like forever
And they thought that they’d never
Hear a response as to whether
Or not they may go.

With a sip of her tea
And a pat on the knee
Each mother agreed
That indeed the girls could.

Promptly removed
Were their dresses and shoes
That remained, but unused
In a heap on the floor.

Gallivanting about
They’d cry and they’d shout
With the delight that they felt
For the things they had found.

Many a-days
Were spent in these ways
Though it was but a phase
In the life of these girls.

Even now they still meet
For a coffee and a treat -
Wearing shoes on their feet;
An acceptable attire.

These two dear friends, 
A bit like odds and ends,
Need never contend
For a place in the others heart.

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