Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cave, Table, Road

Spirit, lead me to the wild spaces
where the wind whispers through lonely places. 
Lead me to the desert, to the cave
where my cry is heard for you are quick to save. 

Spirit, lead me to the laden table,
with my brothers and sisters, each needy and able. 
Lead me to community, 
the place where we commune with thee. 

Spirit, lead me to the open road, 
where we travel together and share the load. 
Lead me to the marketplace, 
to work, to play, to seek your face.  


  1. Oooo, nice Cate. Can I work on a tune for this?

  2. Is this yours? Its beautiful!

    1. Yeah.I wrote this in reflection to what was talked about at the latest Going Further.

    2. Your cry is heard in the refectory and on the road as well, for he is quick to save. Maybe it's easier to hear his heart beating for us when it's quiet...